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Meet KettyBot by Pudu Robotics – the cutting-edge service robot designed to assist in various industries. With advanced AI and a friendly demeanor, KettyBot seamlessly interacts with users, making it a cherished companion. Its adaptive learning and safety features ensure a personalized and secure experience. Welcome to the future of robotics with KettyBot!


  • Machine dimension

  • Machine weight

  • Carrying capacity

  • Battery life

  • Charging time

  • Cruise speed

  • Clearance

  • Ad display dimension

  • 435*450*1120 mm

  • 38kg

  • 30kg

  • >8h

  • 4.5h

  • Max 1.2m/s

  • 55cm

  • 18.5″

A New Way to Impress Your Customers

With AI voice interaction, KettyBot intelligently greets and interacts with passing through customers by waking up its screen. Such a cute and smart KettyBot would obviously draw more attention than the traditional approach!

Discover KettyBot, the latest innovation from Pudu Robotics that’s set to revolutionize service automation. With cutting-edge robotics and AI, KettyBot seamlessly navigates diverse environments, enhancing efficiency in industries like hospitality, healthcare, and retail. Say hello to a new era of personalized, efficient, and interactive customer experiences, where KettyBot leads the way in reshaping the future of service.